MA Economics & Entrepreneurship for Educators

A Master of Arts program for Educators

The Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship (CEEE) at the University of Delaware conducts a graduate program for educators to earn a master of arts degree in economics and entrepreneurship for educators with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. The CEEE is affiliated with the Delaware Council for Economic Education.

Purpose of the MAEEE

  • To strengthen the economic, entrepreneurial and financial literacy content of instruction at the primary and secondary school level.
  • To explore methods of providing greater opportunity for interdisciplinary work in math, science and social sciences.
  • To develop meaningful economic education, financial education and entrepreneurship programs around the world and to establish a network of educators who can help instruct teachers in effective methods of teaching economics, financial literacy and entrepreneurship in elementary and secondary schools.

Eligibility for the MAEEE

The program is open primarily to educators who:

  • Meet admission requirements of the Office of Graduate and Professional Education at the University of Delaware. Official transcripts will be required upon acceptance to the program.
  • Have completed a minimum of three (3) semester hours in economics.
  • Are nominated by a council or center director, school district or organization committed to improving the understanding of economic education, entrepreneurship and financial education.

To learn more, visit the CEEE website.

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