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The master's degree program prepares individuals for careers for both the public and private sector. We have had excellent success in placing our graduates in professional positions and employers have been very pleased with our students. By investing in an M.A., students can add roughly 30 percent to their starting salaries. A sample of employers of our recent graduates includes: Accenture, AT&T, U.S. Department of Energy, Bank of New York, New York Federal Reserve Bank, Provident National Bank, WEFA,, Baltimore Gas & Electric, CRX, Conrail, Bell Atlantic and the Office of Management and Budget. We also offer a centralized Career Services Center that maintains job listings, job fairs, student recruitment programs and provides career planning and placement assistance.

The M.A. degree is designed for students interested in a more applied, less technical graduate economics degree that offers a maximum of electives. This degree is also ideal for students with a relatively more limited undergraduate background in economics. For example, students who took economics courses as an undergraduate but majored in political science, finance or public affairs will find this program especially attractive.

M.A. students complete courses in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory and econometrics. Students interested in international issues can choose from a variety of courses in international monetary economics and economic development. We also offer courses in traditional economics fields including labor economics, public finance, industrial organization and regulation and natural resources and environmental economics.

Many students specialize by combining economics courses with those in agricultural economics, business administration, finance, operations research and urban affairs. Although M.A. students are only required to take the first of the two courses in applied econometrics, we encourage them to take Applied Econometrics II as one of their electives. This course teaches students how to use SAS to estimate a wide range of econometric models.

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