M.S. in Accounting

M.S. in accounting students collaborate together in class

Professor Jennifer Joe's unique research documents the influence that managers of high-risk companies can have on audits simply by demonstrating confidence to auditors.

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The M.S. in accounting extends your education into advanced study in each of the major areas of accounting - financial, managerial, information systems, auditing and taxation - as well as in the supporting fields of finance and quantitative methods.

You'll be prepared for a career in public accounting, information systems consulting, industry or government. The M.S. in accounting also provides a foundation for further study at the Ph.D. level in preparation for an academic career.

In-depth study in any of the five accounting areas is possible by combining elective courses and independent study or research with a faculty member.

Part-time or Full-time Option

The MS Accounting program offers both a full-time and part-time course of study. Full-time students with an undergraduate degree in accounting from an AACSB institution should complete the program in one year. All other full-time students should complete the program in 2 years. Part-time students can complete the program within 2 to 5 years.

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