MS Hospitality Business Management (HBM)

The goal of the M.S. in hospitality business management is to build on students' past experiences and potential interests by providing pathways towards management careers in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Business Management students attend a workshop

Graduates have typically built on the knowledge-intensive program by complementing past experiences and successfully pursuing careers such as consulting, e-commerce, and operations management in the hospitality industry, and in academia to seek Ph.D.s in hospitality and tourism management.

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Why a M.S. in Hospitality Business Management?

  • Analytical Focus: This innovative program focuses on problem solving and decision making skills in response to the rapid growth of changing management needs in the hospitality and tourism sectors of industry.
  • Accelerated 1 Year Delivery– The 30-credit program is ideal for industry professionals and well-interned hospitality graduates seeking to augment their operational skills with analytical capabilities.
  • Dual M.S./MBA Option: Successful candidates who choose to continue their studies and qualify for the MBA at the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics can complete a dual degree (M.S./MBA), with the completion of an additional 27 credits. Students who plan their studies effectively can complete the dual degree in minimum two years.
  • Industry Immersion: Includes a 1-week "industry immersion program" wherein workshops will be conducted by leading industry professionals on contemporary topics such as revenue management, social media metrics and/or hotel valuations. Successful completion will provide students with certificates of participation.
  • Expert Faculty: The department is ranked among the top ten programs in the U.S. The HRIM faculty possess relevant industry and academic backgrounds in the areas of hospitality technology, strategic management, financial management, e-commerce and services management.

For more information, please contact Director of Graduate Studies Srikanth Beldona, Ph.D. |  |  +1-302-831-6077.

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