MS International Business Program

Why do a MSIB Degree? 

Global business is expanding and creating a need for managers who have skills and knowledge to handle business problems and opportunities in the international arena. Graduates of the MSIB program will be proficient in at least two languages, culturally sensitive, with an international orientation, business & quantitative skills and an interdisciplinary broad perspective to have a career in the international markets. We expect our students to develop critical thinking, analytical skills, knowledge in the international business arena to understand and apply these skills to handle opportunities and challenges in organizations and businesses operating in the international markets.

The program offers a Master of Science degree in International Business. Three optional tracks are offered;
1) Core MSIB degree without a concentration
2) Quantitative concentration with emphasis on analytical tools to support large data analysis and business decisions in international business
3) Interdisciplinary concentration offering the opportunity to increase ones breadth of understanding of social and behavioral sciences related to international affairs

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