MS Information Systems (IS&TM)

The MS in IS & TM may be thought of as a series of five blocks, each of which builds on what has come before.  The courses for each component are listed through the following links.  One may also link from this page to the MS program schedule, suggested course sequencing, a full descriptions of the MIS courses.

  • The Foundation of the program is an understanding of the fundamentals of business and programming.
  • Students then complete a Fundamental Core of four courses, which cover the core concepts of IT.
  • These core courses serve as the basis for the Advanced Core of four courses, which build on the material from the Fundamental Core.
  • An Elective allows the student to tailor the program to an area of interest or gain practical experience in IT.
  • Finally, there is a Capstone set of courses, which draw from the material throughout the program.
Also, communication skills are stressed throughout the program through presentations, written reports, and group work.

To help our students plan their programs in advance, several links have been established to provide information about course offerings for subsequent semesters, full course descriptions, and information pertinent to both our first and second year students.

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