MS Information Systems (IS&TM)

The M.S. in Information Systems and Technology Management (M.S. in IS&TM) combines the management and technical skills you need to effectively administer information technology to achieve business goals. You'll be prepared to tackle the complex challenges of today's increasingly technical and competitive global environment.

The M.S. in IS&TM is ideal for you if you have a background in business and want to move into a technology-oriented role in your organization, and also if you have a background in a technical field and want to move into an IT/management role.

Communication skills are stressed throughout the program through presentations, written reports and group work.

There are five sequential course blocks in the M.S. in IS&TM:

  1. Foundation: Fundamentals of business and programming
  2. Fundamental Core: Four courses covering the core concepts of IT
  3. Advanced Core: Four courses building on the material from the Fundamental Core
  4. Elective: Tailor the program to an area of interest or gain practical experience in IT
  5. Capstone: A set of courses which draw from material throughout the program
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