Ph.D. in Financial Services Analytics

FSAN students in class

"...UD was able to merge finance, data mining, statistics and other areas to create the FSAN program. This is also reflected in the diversity of the students. We come from different fields, and it is wonderful how we are able to complement each other in so many different ways."

- FSAN student Leonardo De La Rosa Angarita

The new Ph.D. in FSAN program at UD is the first of its kind, taking a lead in shaping and defining the research area of financial services analytics (FSAN).

Our program is developing fundamental FSAN theories, creating new data-driven decision-making tools and technologies, and training researchers and professionals. Students work with their advisors to choose their research topics and dissertation directions.

The Ph.D. in FSAN is different than a traditional finance Ph.D. program because it is truly interdisciplinary and is focused first on developing and applying analytics methods. Finance is one of several key components to the program, and is the focus of two foundation courses in financial economics at the Ph.D. level that introduce academic finance. 

Our program brings data analytics methods and non-traditional data sources to bear on issues important to the financial services industry, which differentiates it from programs in financial engineering (which are usually at the master's level).

Program Highlights

  • Collaboration among students and thought-leading faculty from multiple disciplines including business, engineering and computer science
  • Corporate-sponsored internship opportunities that offer students the opportunity to apply analytics tools to real-world challenges
  • Conferences and research seminars that provide access to provocative thinkers from industry and academia
  • State-of-the-art facilities in Purnell Hall, designed to foster collaboration among students, faculty and industry; other facilities include the JPMorgan Chase Innovation Center, the Lerner Trading Center and the Harker ISE Lab

About Financial Services Analytics

Today big data is reshaping the way we live and the way businesses operate. Its impact is especially profound in the financial services industry, where abundant data comes from many sources including financial markets, customer records and transactions, and digitalized business operations.

Financial services analytics is the science of quantitative models and technologies designed specifically for the financial services industry. It offers improvements in risk management, enhanced customer service and customized product offerings, and more efficient business operations.

FSAN is a rapidly-evolving area of academic research driven by business needs ranging from credit card fraud detection to mobile customer service. The underlying business problems are unique, complicated and intriguing, warranting in-depth and systematic study.

Applying to the Program

Students from many academic disciplines can be successful in the interdisciplinary Ph.D. in FSAN program. Strong candidates will have quantitative backgrounds, solid computer skills and a basic understanding of business principles in the financial services sector.

We accept students every other year. Highly-qualified students may receive JPMC research scholarships to cover all educational expenses in the program.

The application deadline for the next cohort beginning Fall 2018 is February 1, 2018.

For additional application information, review the Ph.D. in FSAN admission requirements.

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information about our program or visit us in Purnell Hall 350.

Denise Heldorfer, 302-831-6526     
Bintong Chen, 302-831-2756

The Ph.D. in FSAN is a cross-disciplinary program offered by the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics and the College of Engineering at the University of Delaware, and was funded in part by a grant from JPMorgan Chase. 

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