Healthcare Concentration

Concentration Requirements
Today’s society faces health-related challenges at local, state, national and global levels.  The business of health care is made up of providers, patients, and payors.  Solving the current issues will require a solid business background and an appreciation for the nuances that make this industry so complicated.  A UD MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration will provide you with the business perspective along with coursework focused in Health Promotion, Nursing, Policy, etc. Further, a partnership with Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia lets UD MBA students take classes in the TJU graduate program and makes it possible for TJU professors to teach at the Newark campus.

Career Opportunities
Employment opportunities for MBA graduates with a healthcare administration concentration are diverse and rewarding. Included in these opportunities are public and private hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical practices, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, health-related non-profit organizations, and other employers in the allied health fields. For further information about the MBA concentration in healthcare administration, please contact Amy Estey.

Employers in this Industry
* Hospitals (public & private) * State/federal government * Non-profit organizations * Long-term care facilities * Medical practices * Pharmaceutical companies * Insurance companies * Business and industry

Other Sources of Information
Vault Online Career Library (provides extensive information about careers and companies/organizations; log in via Blue Hen Jobs) American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAPHERD) American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation National Wellness Institute (NWI)

Resources for Finding Employment
Found at the main Career Services Center's Career Library (first floor):

Further information including: Skills to Develop, Strategies for Contacting Employers, Graduate School Information, and where to get assistance is available in the CAREER LIBRARY located at 401 Academy Street.  

Concentration Electives
Because content in this concentration is wide-ranging and ever-changing, departments may offer new courses as the need arises.  Therefore, the list below should be considered as a guide to typical courses offered, not necessarily a static list of course offerings.  Any course with a call number of 500 or higher is considered graduate level at the University of Delaware, and therefore will count as a graduate elective toward an MBA. Students who started their MBAs prior to Fall 2010 should select four of the following courses; those who began in Fall 2010 or more recently (or who are following the EDGE curriculum) will choose three of the following electives. Other courses will be considered with prior approval.

HLPR 610 

Health and the Media

HLPR 819

Social Marketing

HSAD 619

Financial Management in Health Service Organizations

HSAD 635

Health Administration Theories

HSAD 637

Health Planning Strategies

HSAD 638

Health Services Evaluation

NURS 610

Crosscultural Healthcare

NURS 619

Financial Management in Health Service Organizations

NURS 635

Health Administration Theories

NURS 637

Health Planning Strategies

NURS 638

Health Services Evaluation

POSC 653

Politics and Healthcare

UAPP 619

Contemporary Issues in Urban Affairs & Public Policy

UAPP 653

Politics and Healthcare

UAPP 657

Health Policy

UAPP 804

Program Evaluation for Health and Social Services

BUAD 899

Business Consulting Project
(with focus on Healthcare Administration-related issue)

BUAD 866

Independent Study
(3-6 credits; when focused on Healthcare Administration-related topic)

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