Conditional Admission Program (CAP)

The MBA Conditional Admission Program (MBA-CAP) provides acceptance into the MBA program without the need to take the TOEFL exam. You will improve your English while developing other important skills necessary for success in the MBA program.

Upon successful completion of the Graduate CAP-Business Track Program program at the ELI, you begin your MBA coursework.

MBA-CAP is a joint program of the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics and the University's English Language Institute (ELI).

Applying to MBA-CAP

Complete the online graduate application. Application requirements for the MBA apply to MBA-CAP applicants, except for the TOEFL requirement. Select MBA-CAP as the program to which you are applying. You must also apply to CAP through the ELI.

MBA-CAP Timeline

It is important to give yourself enough time to study at the ELI before you begin MBA classes. When you apply for the MBA program, please select a semester entry term that will allow for study at the ELI first.

The length of time required for enrollment in the ELI prior to beginning MBA coursework depends on your individual English skills when you arrive and on your willingness to work hard to improve your English skills.

The following scale shows the estimated periods of time that students require in the ELI, depending on initial placement:

  • Level I (Absolute Beginner): 12-16 months
  • Level II (High Beginner): 10-14 months
  • Level III (Intermediate): 8-10 months
  • Level IV (High Intermediate): 6-8 months
  • Level V (Advanced): 4-6 months
  • Level VI (High Advanced): 2-4 months

Please see the Graduate CAP - Business Track page on the ELI website for more information.

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