MBA/MS International Business

Requirements for the Dual Degree 

The MBA+MSIB dual degree program combines the required courses for the MBA program 
with the additional courses of the MSIB program. The MBA core and required courses make up 
30 credits of the program. An additional 30 credits of courses from the MSIB, including 6 credits 
of International Field Study are required. The total 60 credit program includes 24 credits from 
three clusters of courses in the MSIB program (see table below).

Program Requirements for Dual Degree Program:

MBA Core and Required Courses***

ECON 503  Economic Analysis for Business Policy*  3
ACCT 800  Financial Reporting and Analysis*  3
FINC 850  Financial Management*  3
ACCT 801  Management Control Systems  3
BUAD 820  Statistical Analysis for Business*  3
BUAD 831  Operations Mgmt and Management Science  3
BUAD 840  Ethical Issues in domestic and Global Business  3
BUAD 870  Leadership and Organizational Behavior*  3
BUAD 880  Marketing Management*  3
BUAD 890  Corporate Strategy  3

MSIB Courses (See MSIB Program Policy for complete list of courses)

Cluster 1 – International Business Classes 12
Cluster 2 – Quantitative Classes                                           6
Cluster 3 – Interdisciplinary Classes  6
International Field Study Requirement  6
Total Dual Degree Credits:  60

* Serves both MBA required courses and prerequisites of MSIB program
** Required courses cannot count toward a concentration/specialization in the MBA program.

MBA+MSIB dual degree students must also take the same sequence and timing of the MS 
required courses as the MS Students. Thus Dual degree students must configure the MBA 
portion of the program around the MS program (i.e. either before or after) the MS required curriculum. Students are encouraged to review the MSIB Program Policy Statement for rules and 
guidelines. Please consult the MSIB Program Director for advising on coordinating the program 

Requirements for Admission

Students desiring to pursue the dual MBA+MSIB must apply directly to the degree program and 
must meet the admissions requirements of the MBA program and prerequisites of MSIB 
program. A student who has been previously admitted in the MBA program and has completed 
the prerequisites of the MSIB degree could then apply for a dual degree. A student in the MBA 
program who has not completed the prerequisites of the MSIB program will be conditionally 
accepted to MSIB program. The admissions directors for each program will evaluate the 
application separately and will apply the same criteria as specified in their respective programs. 
The prospective student is encouraged to see the admissions policies for both programs in the 
graduate catalog. Whereas the MSIB program accepts both the GMAT and GRE exams, scores 
for the GMAT are required by the MBA program. Applications can be completed at

The MBA/MSIB is a dual degree program. As such, both programs must be completed and the 
dual degree is conferred simultaneously. Students admitted to the MBA/MS dual degree program 
who later decide they only want to complete one of the degrees must apply separately to the 
desired program for admission as a candidate in that program. Students who complete the single 
degree (MBA or MSIB) may not at a later date be admitted to the dual degree program. In such 
case the student would be required to complete all requirements for the second degree. A student 
who is initially admitted to either degree and who decides to pursue the dual degree must apply 
for change of degree to the MBA/MS dual degree prior to receiving the first degree and must 
complete the requirements for the dual degree prior to any degree being granted.

Download the Program Policy Statement

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