MBA @ AstraZeneca

We are proud to offer AstraZeneca employees the opportunity to complete a UD MBA - without leaving work.

Each Fall and Spring semester, two UD MBA courses are taught at AstraZeneca’s Fairfax, Delaware location. Additional courses may be offered during summer and winter sessions.

Classes are taught in person by UD faculty. The program is flexible - you may take some online courses if you miss an on-site course or to stay on pace with your cohort of students going through the program.

Benefits of the MBAz Program


Classes are just a few steps away - no rushing to campus to make it to class in time. Courses are taught one night each week and on Friday afternoons to take advantage of your flexible Friday schedule.

Cohort Structure

Moving through the program with the same group of people allows you to form excellent team communication skills and learn a great deal from a cross-section of employees representing various departments and functions throughout the company. The common knowledge base that the group acquires through each course fosters more stimulating classroom discussions and an easier transition into each new class.

Timely Completion of Your Degree

By following the on-site schedule, you can complete our AACSB-accredited degree in about 30 months while maximizing your AZ tuition benefit.

MBAz Admissions

Admission requirements for the MBAz program are the same as for our standard on-campus MBA programs. Please see MBA Admission Requirements for details. As you complete the online graduate application, select “Business Administration (MBA) at AstraZeneca” when you are asked to choose a major.

If you have questions or need help applying, please email Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Denise Waters, at

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