Pathways Program

You can take up to three MBA or other business graduate degree courses before officially pursuing an MBA degree. Try some courses while you decide if a UD business degree is appropriate for you. Or get a head start on coursework while you study for the GMAT.

To apply for the Pathways Program, select it on the online graduate application. Pathways students must meet all admission requirements for the MBA program except the GMAT requirement.

Program Limits and Matriculation

As a Pathways student, you may take up to 9 credits (three courses) in an academic year (Spring/Summer/Fall or Fall/Winter/Spring) before you must request matriculation into the MBA or other graduate business degree program.

As you approach one or the other of these limits, wait for your final grade/s to post, then make your matriculation request using the Matriculation Request form (PDF). You will notice that your GMAT scores are required for the form. If you have received a GMAT waiver or are requesting one based on the criteria below, please indicate that on the form.

Plan ahead as you approach these limits, because the matriculation process can take 4-6 weeks. You may register for your fourth class while your matriculation request is in process. Consider using a Summer or Winter session to schedule the GMAT so that you can continue seamlessly into the MBA or other Graduate program.

What to Submit

We consider only complete sets of documents as listed below. In an email to, include:

  1. Matriculation Request form (PDF)
  2. An updated resume showing work experience
  3. If requesting a GMAT waiver, do so succinctly in the email to which the first two documents are attached

GMAT Waiver

A GMAT waiver may be granted if you satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Successful completion (with grades of “A”) of nine credits of prescribed MBA coursework through Pathways
  • Outstanding resume with at least 4 years of professional work experience
  • Prior successful academic work/degrees from accredited institutions in the US or abroad.
  • Completion of all other admission requirements

Email to request a GMAT waiver 30 days prior to the start of the semester in which you desire admission to the MBA program. For expediency, send a completed Matriculation Request form and current resume with a GMAT Waiver request.

Pathways Coursework

The courses listed below are the best place for Pathways students to start since they are prerequisite courses for later MBA classes. As a Pathways student, you can register for either one or two classes.

The courses you take as a Pathways student remain on your transcript.

ACCT 800 Financial Reporting and Analysis

Surveys concepts underlying financial accounting and external reporting. Provides an understanding of accounting methods, standards, and terminology so that students can interpret and evaluate financial statements. Students are encouraged to participate in class and group discussions involving contemporary investment issues and decisions. Not open to M.S. in Accounting students.

BUAD 870 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Develops a knowledge base and requisite skills for managing individual, group, and organizational processes through the use of diagnostic models, cases, and/or simulated exercises.

BUAD 820 Statistical Data Analysis for Business

Focuses on data analysis for the purpose of measurement, inference, quality and productivity improvement, and improved managerial decision making. Exploratory data analysis, graphical analysis, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and techniques such as regression are covered.

ECON 503 Economic Analysis for Business Policy

Business-oriented overview of microeconomic and macroeconomic theory. Approximately two-thirds of the course will focus on microeconomics and one-third on macroeconomics. Cannot be taken for credit toward undergraduate or graduate economics degrees. Not open to ECON graduate students in the M.A., M.S., or Ph.D. program. Open to all MBA, Pathways and business graduate students who are not in the Economics undergraduate or graduate program.

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